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نصب و فروش دكل و چاه ارت

نصب و فروش دكل و چاه ارت

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Multi-Purpose Network Connection Company In order to satisfy your needs, our customers will provide the following services
- Production and sale of all types of towers with G35 and G45
- ***** The G35 is only 22.000 USD and the G45 deck is 26.000 USD. *****
- Installing and executing the foundation of inhibitory towers with exceptional and highly competitive prices
- Drilling and performing wells
- ***** Installing the tower with an exceptional price of 8,000 USD. *****
- Production and sales of accessories. Inclining towers, Incorporating - Trapezoid plate (Balance plate) - Types of screw nuts - Valve 16 and 12 - Steel rack types - Base plate
- Sale of equipment for the installation of the jacks including rope - gimp - pulley - seat belts and ...
- Selling of building materials, electrics and lighting for a variety of barriers
- Selling all kinds of 6 and 8 screw wires for an inhibition hinge
- staining - rigage, maintenance and replacement of lights and photoresists and collecting and disposing of various tourniquets
- Consult and visit the system and the well for the towers - Buildings - Workshops - Server rooms - Hospitals - Depending on the user's usage and the requested value using standard materials

Contact numbers:
88918019, 88908189, 88908100